Instead of archived news updates stored here, I've started a WT blog, where I stick comics news and notes, and anything else fairly relevant. Any big announcements will go here in bold. Probably with links. Some of you may not like blogs, but I've got the power now and it's all about my needs.

I kid, I kid. I kid because I love.


Tuesday , September 21 , 2004: NINJA!

Ever since I read this comic, I've been ninjaing people. It's spread to Sa'ar Chasm (he of the disgruntled expression), and 17 (frame 3, right). Thus far.

I really think a support group should be started. After all, if Brent Sienna jumped off a fjord, how could us lemmings not follow in hairy, squeaking droves? It's only a matter of time until it shows up on Conan. Ooh, or the Daily Show.

I wish Sa'ar hadn't turned out looking like a shoujo comic character, but meh. Tablet again.